6 Gay Dating Dilemmas That Need to be Avoided

gay couple

Many gay men probably have their own fair share of minor dating disasters and blunders, whether dating offline or line. If you’re single, it’s very easy to feel disappointed after just a couple of bad dates. But, there’s no need for you to worry. This article discusses some of the common pitfalls when dating gay men and how you can best avoid them.

The Issue of Income

If one partner earns a higher income than the other, this can develop a power struggle, leaving the lower earner with feelings of inadequacy or awkwardness. There might even be cases when the one with lower income may end up feeling embarrassed. To end this dilemma, it is best to strike the perfect balance in the budget. Choose to do things wherein the two parties can give equal contributions. This can reduce the chances of income brackets being an issue for both of you.

The Problem with Friends

On the first few months of the relationship, being disconnected from friends might not be an issue. However, it is something that can turn into a haunting problem in the future. Instead of spending your whole time with your partner, you might want to introduce yourselves to one another’s set of friends and be involved in discussions and conversations with them. Be kind and friendly with them without showing too much interest that might make your partner feel possessive.

Party Animal vs. Homebody

While it has been proven that opposites do attract, there are some difficulties that might come with this difference. When homebody gay men fall in love with party animals, the struggle might be a bit difficult. During such situations, both must work hard and be comfortable to share the same attitude towards life. One great piece of relationship is for both to try moving out of their comfort zones.

Difference in Communication Style

Whether it is a result of age difference or other reasons, the presence of communication gap between gay men couples can lead to unwanted turmoil in the relationship. If one prefers phone calls and the others love to text, you might end up mistaking the other’s preference as a sign of neglect. However, similar with any language, with some effort, it will be easier to understand what your partner is trying to convey. Show your feelings in a non-verbal way and let your partner know how much you love and care for him.

Failure to Express Feelings

Your partner is your special someone so never hide even the tiniest of things because you never know when these small things might turn into colossal issues. If you like to be sweet, you need to be kind and think of some wonderful date ideas. If you like to be pampered by surprises and gifts, you have to set an example and do exactly the same thing first. Don’t take your partner for granted.

Not Opening Up

If you are expecting something from your partner, you have to be realistic. This can help gay men in weeding out those who are only after spending a night or two with you who will only disappear to thin air after you show them you’re serious about the setup.

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