5 Gay Dating Rules You Should Know

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Just like any human being, gay men join the dating scene in the hopes of finding attention, affection and love. Like their straight counterparts, they are also after companionship, connection and commitment.

Sadly though, the gay dating arena tends to get too competitive. Before you even know it, the cutie that you have been setting your eyes on might have already been snatched away by someone else. That is why you have to stick to some gay dating rules if you are really intent on making sure that you will be getting the attention and ignite the interest of that good looking hottie before another one comes along and pushes you to the side.

However, whether you are out for gay, bisexual or lesbian dating , planning your first date can get very intimidating. What should you wear on the first time that you go out? What should you not wear? Where are you going to go? Do you need to be yourself? What are the things that you must say? What should be better left unsaid? Well then, you might be better off if you finally get to the low don on how to ensure that your first date will not end up as the only date. Here are some gay dating rules that will guarantee you a surefire way of having more dates in the future, and hopefully, even a serious and happy relationship!

Choose the Perfect Place

What is the best place to meet? You can meet in a location that is mutual and preferably somewhere that is close to home. It should be a place with an ambient atmosphere but at the same time, it should be where you can hear each other speak. When it comes to gay dating rules, location matters a lot.

It’s All About the Two of You

By starting a good conversation, you show that you are not just willing to take a little and give a little but at the same time, you are also fully confident and just like in any other dating scene, confidence always means sexy.

Forget About the Ex

Yes, no one wants to go there, so don’t even try to plunge yourself into that abyss or maybe, you can compare it to opening a can of ugly, vicious worms. This is a subject that once opened, you can never close again. Never let yourself bond with another person over your negative experiences. This is definitely not a great start to what should have been a dazzling evening.

Take It Slow and Easy

Unless your main purpose and goal is to get on the bed with this person, avoid jumping on them and starting humping their leg on the first chance that you get. Take note: easy cum, easy go!

Honesty is Always a Must

When you like that person or even when you don’t, make sure that you tell him right there and then to avoid wasting both of your time. Simply put, never play games as these will never work. Yes, the little flirty teases won’t do you any harm but take note that out of some gay dating rules stated here, the golden rule for a successful gay dating is simply RESPECT.

Make sure that you follow these rules and remember to keep things casual while being confident. When you do, you can look forward to a fun-filled evening of fireworks where you just have to sit back and enjoy as the sparks fly!

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