Gay Dating Sites and Their Dark Unknown Side

young gay men

Gay dating sites have become the best portal where men can freely meet and date other men. However, just like in other kinds of dating hubs, gay websites also have their own share of deep dark side that can put their members at risk if they are not too careful.

While most gay dating sites are pretty much helpful and have the main purpose of offering communication between men, there are still some people that make use of these platforms in the hopes of getting an instant sexual gratification.

At its best, sex education in educational institutions is perfunctory and for gay kids, this is pretty much non-existent. Among majority of young and gay men, sexual education can be acquired only through exposure to sex itself, through porn and later with potential partners who are usually more experienced than them. Mostly, these are positive experiences, although not all the time.

Although there are many young gay men who are psychologically well adjusted and sexual empowered, there are many suffering from lower self-esteem as the result of growing up as a gay within homophobic environments. Also, they can be uneducated when it comes to gay sex, emotionally vulnerable and isolated with the result being they search for validation in the arms of complete strangers.

However, the main problem is that when they do so, these young gay make themselves extremely vulnerable to sexual abuse, exploitation and at times even rape. Both their mental and physical health are both at risk and they are willing to do this since they are craving for acceptance, security and love, things that they haven’t found at home, within educational system and their communities.

If you are familiar with gay dating sites, you will know that it is all too common to get some sexually aggressive messages with the sender’s photographs in provocative poses, usually naked. There are times when the only pictures evidence of themselves they want to send are their penises’ close-up shots. If sex has already been debased to such a level where men are already willing to submit to one another based on the shape and size of their respective members, surely, it is a symptomatic of sexual dysfunction. While sex must be fun and experimentation must be promoted to have liberated and fulfilling sexual lives, the use of each other as receptacles for members totally negates the psychological and emotional aspects of a healthy sexuality.

At the end of the day, even though gay websites have their fair share of good aspects, there will always be risks, especially to the young gay men who still have doubts about their sexuality. This is the reason why gay youngsters must be made sexually aware and this is a matter for today’s educational infrastructures. Being a modern society, it might be about time to offer sufficient sexual education which includes everyone for all gay men to learn how to respect not only themselves but also each other.

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