More and More People Accept Gay Singles Around the World

gay right

If you will pause and try to look around you, you will notice how people seemed to be more welcoming of gay singles now more than ever. In fact, gay rights have suddenly become ascendant. For instance, gay marriage has now been deemed legal in the 17 states of the US as well as the District of Columbia and this is something that the public has widely supported as shown in public polling. More and more judges today joined the growing band of those who rule for gay marriage as they threw out the earlier ban on gay marriage. Even the United States Supreme Court itself earlier ruled that the married gay couples will be entitled to the federal benefits in order to avoid injuring and disparaging them or humiliating their children.

But how come that federal judges and even business leaders alike have reached the decision that discriminating against gay people is no longer a good business? Just a few years ago, the American society has been punitive and unwelcoming. Gays went out of their way just to hide their real sexual orientation while the ones who were found out were often expelled from the military, fired from their jobs and even lost community and family support.

It seems that there are two primary factors which caused the dramatic shift in the opinion of the public. One is the gay leaders’ purposeful effort during the 70s and 80s to urge both lesbians and gays to come out. Second is the decision made several years ago by some gay leaders to re-frame the issue on gay marriage.

And guess what, the decision to come out did significantly decrease prejudice in America. More and more Americans came to view gays to be normal citizens as people they play sports with, people they work with and people they come to love as part of their extended families.

The second major shift happened a decade ago when leaders of gay rights with the help of psychologists found out through polling and focus groups that framing the gay marriage concept as a right was actually speaking a wrong language. These happened hand in hand on a surprising level of support from heterosexuals for humanitarian idea that the gay people might actually want and love to commit to their own partners in the same way that everyone else does. The gay leaders no longer talked about rights and instead, they talked about commitment and love.

While it still takes generations for social change to happen, it can move really fast as well. The rapid acceptance of gay singles and gay rights can be instructive for the other gays who are still bounded by the old conventional beliefs about homosexuality being a sin. There might still be a long way to go for all gay singles to be truly out in the open but it is a good thing that more and more people now welcome them with open arms.

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