Things to Avoid While Using Gay Dating Sites

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If this is the very first time that you will be joining the arena of online gay dating sites, you have to give yourself some time to get accustomed to the rules and culture of such dating platforms.

Every dating website is different and every one of them has its own subculture. You have to remember that it is very much a scene of singles and like any other singles scene, there will be some perpetual dates and players out there who are out to use and abuse others.

You have to avoid becoming a prey to these predators through giving yourself some time to see whatever the social norms are. As much as possible, you have to avoid the instant message scene as it is a common haven for the players.

Once you meet someone who is interested and mentions that they would like to send you an instant message, you should recommend speaking on the phone first without giving your number right away. If they are really interested in you, they should be willing to make the extra effort.

You might want to explore with the use of Skype, a free online phone application. Through this, they don’t necessarily have to get your direct number and you have the choice if you will not answer or not. Just like with meeting a new person, only time will tell what your fate in gay dating sites will be.

Try to give yourself some chance to know the other person a little better before you take the plunge. Most of these websites have a free phone number or inexpensive phone number that you can easily forward to your personal phone. Through this, there is no need for you to keep taking the calls of a nutcase stalker if you happen to encounter one.

If you have already emailed each other several times and you feel like things are compatible, you have nothing to risk if you decide to meet someone in public areas. Whether it is for coffee or drinks, it would be a great idea to limit your first meeting to just 90 minutes. Take note that it is better to leave them wanting for more than to stay that long. This is not to mention that more than two drinks might leave you in a somewhat vulnerable state and this is exactly what the players hope for. This is why you have to protect yourself both physically and emotionally through planning in advance so there will always be a next time.

When joining gay dating sites, you also have to ensure that you wouldn’t limit yourself to just your type. It is not a secret that online dating is a wonderful chance for you to practice your skills in communication. Take note that there is an actual person on the other end of the line and that you are not in any way obliged to meet them but you have to at least be humane when it comes to communication. If you feel that the other person is an absolute beast that you are not interested to meet no matter what, try to be kind. It will not cost you anything to send back a reply and thank them for showing interest but you are not ready yet and you only want friendship for now.

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