What are the Differences Between Gay Hookup Sites and Gay Dating Sites?

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The concept of dating has gotten more than confusing these days, thanks to all those terms available being used to define relationships. That is why it is only natural for many to be a bit curious to know the differences between gay dating sites and gay hookup sites. Here’s a quick breakdown of these two:

Gay Hookup Sites

People who join hookup sites expect that there will be no strings attached and practically no feelings. Most of the time, they are the ones who don’t like spending much time outside the bedroom. Yes, there could be small talk as a way of being polite before and after or even small texts every now and then yet all of these are superficial and light, without any substantial conversations. The moment you and your hook up start to have real conversations, it means that you are sliding down a slippery slope. It is either you will move on to dating stage or one of you is going to develop some serious feeling, making the entire situation fall apart.

When the two of you are mature enough to separate physical interactions from emotional feelings, then, you can become friends with benefits. It is slightly different from a hook up although it belongs to a similar category. It means that you do and can hang out as friends, whether in group or alone.

Yet, it can be really tricky since spending time together outside the bedroom often leads to feelings. When you are in a friends with benefits setup and the two of you have some kind of emotional attachment to each other but wouldn’t want any commitment, this is dating and no longer hooking up.

Gay men who join gay hookup sites are the ones who are after a hookup status. Talks are limited and everything physical is the focus with no commitment.

Gay Dating Sites

On the other hand, people who join gay dating sites are the ones who appreciate company and at the same time, would like to enjoy a person’s physical aspect. They are the ones who go on dates and spend quality time together. They prefer intimacy, not necessarily sex but holding hands, kissing and others. Members of these sites are willing to get more involved in the lives of their partner, probably meeting one another’s circle of friends and knowing details on work, school and other aspects of life.

The primary distinguishing factor between dating and hooking up is that in a friends with benefits scenario, there is simply no intention to grow it to something more while in dating, there it is likely and there is a desire of pursuing it.

Both gay hookup sites and gay dating sites are on the rise these days and for a good reason. At the end of the day, it will all be up to you which of the two you will choose. After all, it is always a matter of choice.

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